with a clear vision and a distinct sense of humour for the art direction of the illustrations, the owners of lil empire decided on a 'space wars' theme. They are sharing their space with a popular local ice cream shop, Made By Marcus, and wanted to include the two establishments and their delicious treats fighting for dominance.
 reception of the series has been overwhelming with guests sharing selfies, pictures and videos over social media featuring the artwork.
Oliver Malcolm 
logo and banner for universal music group's artist, Oliver Malcolm, for Oliver's website.
Beetbox & supported soul - yoga mat design

Collingwood Days
Poster, merchandise, postcards and banner designs for Collingwood Neighbourhood House's annual festival, Collingwood Days. 
Theme of festival is  'Nature & Sustainability'. I wanted to portray elements of inclusivity, the arts and community interacting in nature and the city.
Rennie real estate - social media promotion
Rennie contacted me to collaborate with their creative team to illustrate a new year's illustration with the tag line 'new year, new beginnings' to celebrate connecting with the community after the isolation from the pandemic. i wanted to communicate a hopefulness and joy everyone was so desperate to experience. 

rennie social media promo

Poster and social media Artwork for Judy Cult, a performative art rock band from Vancouver, BC that layer camp theatrics and dark vocals upon wild guitars, spacey synths, melodic bass lines and driving rhythms.

poster design

social media promotions


Character designs for the ghoulish hit-makers @lvcrftofficial as they release new pop-bop collaborations with various artists. Each character's body parts and accessories were isolated on separate layers for animation preparation for youtube music videos.
various illustrations used across logos, social media, Digital and print promotional material
Chickadee Room Vancouver- 80's themed cocktail bar 
80's blockbuster movie-based Illustrations printed in vinyl and mounted on light boxes around bar. 

"Where we're going, we won't need roads" - Back to the Future (1985)

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - Ghostbusters (1984)

"I've had the time of my life" - Dirty Dancing (1987)

Reimagined 80's cocktail design

SAD Magazine - Editorial Illustration
The lost art of Showing up - Discussing the epidemic of making plans and blowing them off.

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