CUSTOM logo designs

collection of logos for Local & international businesses in various industries.

The Chickadee Room cocktail bar - label, sign & Menu designs
wrap-around labels for The Chickadee Room’s canned cocktails, sanitary coasters, promotional signs & mailers Using 80’s influenced typography, colour palette and abstract elements. 
created using existing logo.

The Italian Tenors cocktail - can Label 

Above: Juke Box Hero Cocktail - can Label

Below: Chickadee room house-made syrup - bottle labels

A-frame sign, postcard mailers and coasters for business and sanitization promotions.

cocktail & drink menu design - illustration, layout & composition

juke fried chicken - Sign, menu & promotional material designs
Working with Juke for the past couple of years, I've been asked to work on a wide range of deliverables for the restaurant. I enjoy playing with their clean boxy letters, accents of local landmarks and casual aesthetic.

Designed with existing logo & branding.

digital menu using elements of the restaurant’s exterior, references taken from it's location in Vancouver's Chinatown.

A-frame sign, postcard mailers and stickers for business and holiday special promotions.

KNOCKOUT HEAT CO. - Label Design
Big D's Sandwich Shack - Logo, label & Merchandise
BEETBOX Veg Restaurant - menu & label designs
Working with Beetbox Veg for the past two years on various print and digital materials, I have really enjoyed creating the funny & cute veggie characters and patterns for the menu and alcoholic slushy, blending inspiration from the Memphis design movement.

created original veggie character illustrations while using existing logo.

Digital menu displayed on wide-screen monitors in restaurant

Pabst Blue Ribbon
illustrations submitted for the PBR Can Art Contest 2022 with the possibility of cash prize and printed on thousands of cans. the concept was open with the only limitation being the blue and white colour limit.

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