From Calgary Alberta, Empire Provisions is a delicatessen specializing in artisanal butchery and charcuterie. Lil Empire is their sister restaurant and has now opened a second location connected with a local favourite - Made By Marcus Ice cream.
The first challenge was to create an eye-catching iconic logo that is recognizable from a distance and scalable for printing on packaging and merchandise.
Secondly, we needed to create fun and eye-catching packaging for the delectable delights. I decided to create a cute and friendly face to welcome and greet the customer just before they devour their order.
Keeping this playful theme and taking the restaurant's slogan, "Everyone Loves Burgers", I designed a pattern with Lil Empire's mascot, Burger Boi, and custom typography.

Final Logo Design

First and second drafts of sketches, working out concepts and ideas.

Custom printed hats with logo embroidery. 

Happy bags collage.

Wax paper burger wrap design.

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